Autonomous Ski Lift Vehicle

Self-driving personal snowcat brings you to the powder

The dolaGon autonomous vehicle picks skiers up at any base location and drives them to higher elevations, allowing access to on-trail and backcountry ski areas.

Once disembarked at top, skiers give dolaGon the command to begin its descent.

While skiers enjoy their run,

dolaGon drives itself down mountain to meet them at the bottom.

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Any mountain with snow is now a SKI MOUNTAIN

The dolaGon self-driving vehicle makes any snow-covered terrain skiable.

With dolaGon, skiers and boarders are no longer dependent on the archaic ski-lift infrastructure offered by traditional ski resorts. Using proprietary advanced route tracking and collision avoidance sensors, dolaGon reliably navigates any off-road trail.

Skiers are safely brought to elevations with access to powder and then the dolaGon drives itself down to any predetermined location.


At this time, dolaGon is intended for commercial and professional use only. The vehicle's use is intended for trained operators certified in backcountry and deep snow terrain. It is intended for use on private property and in backcountry areas that allow motorized vehicles, and shall be used in accordance with all existing backcountry rules and regulations. For additional information, head over to our FAQ page.


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