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  • What is the starting price?
    Because we are still in development, retail pricing is not yet available. Please add your name to our contact page for company updates and to be notified when we have pricing information.
  • When will the vehicle be available?
    We plan to make our pilot vehicles available in 2023 with partnership operations. Please contact us for more information.
  • Who will dolaGon vehicles be available to?
    At this time, dolaGon vehicles are for commercial and professional use only. The vehicle's use is intended for trained operators certified in their respective fields.
  • What kind of impact will this vehicle have on the environment?
    The dolaGon vehicle has a smaller environmental footprint than chairlifts and traditional heavy duty off-road vehicles. It will be electric (silent and non-polluting) within two years, as electric side-by-side vehicles continue to progress with higher power and longer range.
  • I don't want autonomous vehicles ruining peaceful backcountry areas. Where will dolaGons be used?
    We hear you, and have no intentions of using dolaGon vehicles in places where they do not belong. The vehicles are intended for use on private property and in backcountry areas that currently allow motorized vehicles, and shall be used in accordance with all existing backcountry rules and regulations.
  • How do dolaGon vehicles stop for obstacles on trail?
    The dolaGon vehicle uses a combination of camera vison and LiDAR sensors to detect any hazards or obstacles on trail. If hazard is detected on route, dolaGon pauses until trail is clear. If hazard persists, user is alerted of situation through remote teleops and vehicle waits for instruction to proceed or modify route.
  • Does dolaGon manufacture the vehicle, or can the technology be used on any UTV?
    We do not manufacture the vehicle, our technology is the autonomous add-on that will be available for any of the major UTV manufacturers. Currently, we are focused on converting Polaris and Can-Am vehicles.

Have another question to ask? Please reach out to us directly!

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